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Contact Information

JustChildren, Legal Aid Justice Center is Virginia’s largest children’s law program. They rely on a range of strategies to make sure that Virginia’s most vulnerable young people receive the services and support they need to lead successful lives in their communities. The JustChildren Program seeks local and statewide reforms to improve the systems that children depend on. They change policies to improve public education and the juvenile justice system. Through coalition building, policy advocacy, and litigation, they make lasting improvements for all children in Virginia.

Primary Contact Name: Angela Ciolfi
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Phone: (434)-977-0553
Website: https://www.justice4all.org/justchildren/justchildren-program/ 


  • Bill Number: 3007 – WIN!

    Type of Reform

    Transfer Reform - Changes to "once an adult, always an adult" statute.The amended law requires that youth be convicted of the offense in adult court in order to be tried in adult court for all subsequent offenses. If not convicted of the charges for which he or she was transferred, a youth regains juvenile status for potential subsequent charges.

    Year: 2007

  • Bill Number: 259 – WIN!

    Type of Reform

    Detention Reform - Creates a presumption that youth who are being tried as adults are held in juvenile detention centers pretrial. Youth will only be placed in an adult jail if they are found by a judge to be a security or safety threat.

    Year: 2010


  • Unlocking the Truth; Real Stories about the Trial and Incarceration of Youth as Adults in Virginia

    This report (2010) aims to compile “real” stories of how the practice of trying and incarcerating youth as adults impacts youth, families, and communities.